St. Johns Dental in Holyrood & Mount Pearl, NL

Whether you’re overdue for a regular dental check-up, or you’re in need of more extensive dental care, St. Johns Dental in Holyrood and Mount Pearl, NL, is your source for quality care at affordable prices. We provide a complete range of dental services – full mouth, from start to finish.

Offering senior and student discounts, St. Johns Dental can perform all dental services from cosmetics and braces to cleanings and crowns.

Soft Tissue Laser Surgery
Dentistry is a constantly evolving field, and Dr. Vinay Jerath has worked to keep up with new breakthroughs and developments in treatments and procedures. One exciting new procedure is soft tissue laser surgery. Unlike metal scalpels, lasers decrease post-operative pain, and offer a more precise and less damaging cut than a scalpel. This means less scarring, less inflammation, and a faster recovery time. Lasers also minimize bleeding, as the intensity of the beam aids in blood clotting, which helps the incision heal. In some cases, a laser can even mean that stitches and sutures are unnecessary.

Special Offers
We offer special discounts for seniors and students, to keep our high-quality care easy and affordable. Contact us for more information.

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